Super Smash Bros Evolution….. emh… kirby?? X


Super Smash Bros Evolution….. emh… kirby??

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Why I hate my job, a rant

1. Its been 6 months of back to back 12 hour nights shifts even though they end in about a month apparently we are bidding on another big night shift job.

2. At the end of this job we are laying people off. meaning we gave up our summer to then be fired..that’s awesome.

3. Our foreman will throw you under the bus to make him look better. He will give you double your work load just so he can do nothing except emails all shift.

4. Our Foreman has no leadership skills. He constantly destroys moral, treats everyone like shit. Always says our work is terrible and always says he could have done it better.

5. My company is a joke. If you get along with the guys you work with and get work done you should keep that crew together right? WRONG at my company if you get along with people and get work done, they say you are talking to much and aren’t efficient. So they separate you and make you work with people who you hate or you don’t work well with (for whatever reason). They don’t even let me work on the same floor with the people I like, is this grade 3 all over again or what??

6. Some idiot that’s new to our company was only here 2 months. Me and my partner at work took a couple breaks because we finished our task and were waiting for the crew ahead of us to finish there part so we could get back to work. This guy these goes to our boss and says me and my partner are slacking off and arn’t doing any work all shit. That’s why we get separated. REALLY? the fact that this tattle tail take easily 4 smoke breaks a shift is fine, but we sat down for a few minutes because we had no work, and we are not efficient together. HOW? we got all our work done, doesn’t that mean we are super efficient. Its because we did our work in a different order then our foreman would and he didn’t like it. Hey asshole this is construction, things get done different ways and they all work.

7. To add to this, my company would rather listen to a guy who has been here for 2 months rather then 2 guys who have been here over a year? How is that loyalty to your crew?

8. This same guy is trying to be a foremen…haha in this shit hole? have fun douche. Hes throwing us under the bus so he looks better. That seems like a common theme in this place, that’s how our current foremen took power.

9. I don’t like heights too much and a lot of my job is heights, so ya there’s that

10. I really hate construction. I hate how much work you put into something and time, then a foremen can walk up and say that looks like shit and then leaves. I hate that its suppose to be a team but its every man for himself. I hate that I have to break my back in the harsh weather for no reward, no good job, nothing. All I get is a “meh” what!!

11. I hate the people that work in construction. The people in construction (or most of them) are people who couldn’t find anything else. This is there last resort. Its full of uneducated, drinking, assholes that come into work stoned, drunk, hungover and tired. Any other line of work they would be fired if they did that once. At this place this happened everyday and the foremen jokes about it. These people are so dirty, gritty and no one would look at them and say oh ya these guys are successful. We are talking about guys who are 30 and look 45, these hard living guys.

12. The thing about construction is the money starts out good but there are no raises or promotions so you stay at the same money forever. I have had one raise in a year and a bit and I only got it because a whole bunch of people left so they wanted to make sure I stayed. The thing is since the only is good to start it keeps people there until they get comfortable and are then stuck in construction. I don’t want to become these guys. I need out.

13. I don’t get along with the people in construction, the joke at work is that I never like anyone new that starts. I used to think I got along good with people but this past year all I keep meeting is ass holes, dumb asses, or snitches and rats. These people are good. They don’t have this shitty job because they are good. They are the bottom of the barrel. That’s why I don’t get along with them.

14. My company has been around for 6 years. in that time it has had over 50 maybe 60 employees. The turn over rate is huge. My whole crew right now wants to leave. How can your company be good if everyone is leaving and they never have any stable members.

15. Unless you are a foreman you are just one of the cogs in the wheel no one cares about you in construction. I will never make foremen and even if I did I wouldn’t want it. I get to then be in charge of all these dick heads…yay me. No

16. Everyone I work with live check by check, or has 3 bastard kids, or has a new job every 6 months, or doesn’t have a drivers license, or spends all there money on beer, and drugs…these are my coworkers, do they sound fun to you?


have u ever been in a mood to destroy your relationship with everyone you know

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Almost Human Gifspam - John Kennex

Season One, Episode Nine: Unbound

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Carly Rae Jepsen <3


Carly Rae Jepsen <3

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How cute are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone?!✋


How cute are Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone?!✋

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