Day 1 - Very first video game.

Very First Video Game…hmmmm, that’s a hard one. Its probably a toss up between, a Franklin (yes the turtle) game, Dune 2000, or Golden eye.

See I have memories of all three of these game being my first and i’m not sure which one was actually the one. If it was the Franklin one, well that’s boring. It did teach my 3 numbers in Spanish, and something to do with marbles. However I just googled it and Goldeneye came out a year before Dune 2000, so GOLDENEYE WINS.

My first memory of this game is going to Toys R Us with my Dad to buy the game for my sister who was really into James bond and really wanted the game. Little did I know how big of a game this was. (Little 4 or 5 me was holding this game not knowing that this would later be one of his top 5 game of all time.) Anyways we gave it too her for her birthday. Me and my sister sat down to play it that afternoon and of course played the DAM mission. Both of us had never played a first person shooter and were blown away by the graphics, the AI, the shooting, everything. We fought our way to the gate with the red button that needs to be open. We walked up to it and pressed every button. Nothing worked. We shot it, we tried to get a guard to open it (don’t ask, it obviously didn’t work) we tried to maybe get the truck driver to get out and open it. We did everything. Nothing worked so we gave up.

The next day I came home from school, and my sister was so excited. She asked her boyfriend how to open the door, and he said the B button. OH so obvious. He raced through the level and the B button (GOD we were dumb) worked. We got through the whole level and them my sister jumped from the bungee jump platform. We were so excited that we beat the level. Then she panicked once she saw James Bond jump. She forgot to get the actual bungee jump equipment. However the mission then said complete, so we didn’t forget anything but we just assumed we had to go find it.

That is one of my earliest gaming memories, SO there, LONG POST OVER.

30 days of gaming challenge Day 1

Day 01 - The first game that got you hooked on gaming

This is a great question and also a hard one. I know there are quite a few games that got me hooked and they were early in my life so I cant remember which one I played first. The first game I ever have a memory of is none other then 

That’s right the Super Nintendo Classic. This is the first game I ever saw being played (at least the one I remember) keeping in mind i was born in 1993 I was quite young when this game came out (being only 1 years old) so when I remember seeing it I must have been 2 and my dad was playing it. This game scared me. It haunted my dreams and I could hear the theme to Lower Norfair  in my head (that theme scared me the most). This game scared me so much my dad couldn’t play it in front of me. 

I’m much older now and I’ve been playing this classic for years. This game is truly 1 in a million as it is just so great (however i’ll get more into this game when it comes up later in this challenge)

The second game I remember seeing at a early age was Super Punch Out

I used to watch my dad play this game non stop and I loved playing it as well. Again this game came out when I was only 1 so I didn’t play it till years later but I still remember it a lot (and still play it from time to time). 

The game that really got me into game the most though has to be

When this game came out i was 4…I remember the day we got it quite well. Me and my dad bought it from our local Toys R Us, because my sister was a huge fan of the movies and her friends told her it was great. So we gave it to her for her birthday (or something like that) and me and her sat down to play it. We played the Dam level and fought our way up to the point where the green truck stops at the door. I had never played a N64 game before, and now that I think about it this may have been the first game I had actually ever played (when she let me try to open the door). We couldn’t figure out how the button worked, we would mash them all and we weren’t sure if that was the switch to open it or not…anyways when I came home from school the next day she showed me how to open it, and said something like ” we are so dumb, I had to look it up and its so simple.”

These are really the games that got me into gaming  and that is why to this day I will always love the snes and n64, not only because they are classics but because they are my childhood. There is really 3 games that make up my childhood (3 major ones anyways, and all 3 were on the N64, one of these was Goldeneye, and the other 2? well maybe they will come up later in this challenge.) 

Mass Effect 30 Day Challenge Day 1

Q: Favorite game of the series 

A: Mass Effect 2 hand’s down. I like all three games however one and three have major flaws that I can’t get past. Mass Effect one, it’s major flaw is that the combat is terrible. I mean sure for a stand alone game it isnt bad, but compared to ME2 the combat is terrible. However ME1 had an amazing story and great choices. I wasnt a huge fan of how much gear you got (most of which was useless). ME3 was not bad and had alot of great parts. I also liked how they put some RPG aspects back in but without giving you a billion useless guns. However for some reason I do not want to play ME3 again, maybe it’s because some parts of the game seemed like they could have been done better. Like they could have made some of your choices worth more or could have made some parts more interesting.

ME2 though is my favorite because it has a great story, amazing game play, and runs more smoothly then the other two. I also thought the missions were more well structured as compared to 1 and 3. Also the amount of Squad Mates and how they all had a different personality was amazing. 

Zelda 30 Day Challenge Day 1

Day 1: When was your first time playing The Legend of Zelda, what game was it, and how was your experience? 

My first Zelda game was Occarina of Time. I got it when I was in about grade five or six. Some of my friends talked about how cool Zelda was and for Christmas (i think) my parents asked what game I wanted. They took me to future shop and I looked at the N64 isle (oh if I could go back and buy all those classics. Too bad such an isle doesn’t exist anymore). I saw that OOT and Majora’s Mask were beside each other. Since I wasn’t sure which game my friends though were cool, I just looked at both for a while. Then I noticed Majora’s mask required an expansion pack (and I knew I didn’t have one so I picked OOT). I specifically told my mom I want the one that doesn’t require the expansion pack. Anyway it turns out my friends were referring to OOT so it all worked out. But I remember I though the back of MM’s box was cooler then OOT. 

OOT was a great game at the time, and still is fantastic. It is probably one of my top ten games. When I was a kid I wasted so much time just wandering around making up games for my self. The game sucked me in completly and I almost acted as if it was real. The game took me over a year to beat, because I kept exploring the same spots and not really advancing. I also was really terrible at puzzles and would never figure them out. I had infanite time however so I would spend hours every night trying and trying. I remember asking my friend at school how to beat sections, and one time calling him because I was lost in the shadow temple (the part before the boat). 

All in all Occarina of Time was an essential part of my childhood. When I think of being a kid that game always comes back to me.

The back of Occarina of Time’s box.