Zelda 30 Day Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Which game do you think has the best plot-line, why?

I’m going to start out with one’s I didn’t like. A link to the past, I could never get into. It seemed to overused. Evil wizard does evil things and must stop him. I mean you could say that abou almost every game, but link to the past seemed like it was overly basic. Game Play it had some strong points but story wise i’m not sure. Wind Waker, to be fair I don’t know enough about it. 

OOT had a very basic plot too, however becoming an adult and fighting evil in two different time lines was quite interesting. However my personal favorite Zelda for plot is defiantly Majora’s Mask. Athough I’m not even half way through it, the plot in this game is quite amazing. The whole idea where the skull kid is trying to crash the moon into the earth is an amazingly dark plot twist for a zelda game. I also like the 3 day time line idea and how the plot revolves around that.

I also heard twilight princess had a good plot, but I have never played it.