Zelda 30 Day Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Which game do you think has the best plot-line, why?

I’m going to start out with one’s I didn’t like. A link to the past, I could never get into. It seemed to overused. Evil wizard does evil things and must stop him. I mean you could say that abou almost every game, but link to the past seemed like it was overly basic. Game Play it had some strong points but story wise i’m not sure. Wind Waker, to be fair I don’t know enough about it. 

OOT had a very basic plot too, however becoming an adult and fighting evil in two different time lines was quite interesting. However my personal favorite Zelda for plot is defiantly Majora’s Mask. Athough I’m not even half way through it, the plot in this game is quite amazing. The whole idea where the skull kid is trying to crash the moon into the earth is an amazingly dark plot twist for a zelda game. I also like the 3 day time line idea and how the plot revolves around that.

I also heard twilight princess had a good plot, but I have never played it. 

Zelda 30 Day Challenge Day 1

Day 1: When was your first time playing The Legend of Zelda, what game was it, and how was your experience? 

My first Zelda game was Occarina of Time. I got it when I was in about grade five or six. Some of my friends talked about how cool Zelda was and for Christmas (i think) my parents asked what game I wanted. They took me to future shop and I looked at the N64 isle (oh if I could go back and buy all those classics. Too bad such an isle doesn’t exist anymore). I saw that OOT and Majora’s Mask were beside each other. Since I wasn’t sure which game my friends though were cool, I just looked at both for a while. Then I noticed Majora’s mask required an expansion pack (and I knew I didn’t have one so I picked OOT). I specifically told my mom I want the one that doesn’t require the expansion pack. Anyway it turns out my friends were referring to OOT so it all worked out. But I remember I though the back of MM’s box was cooler then OOT. 

OOT was a great game at the time, and still is fantastic. It is probably one of my top ten games. When I was a kid I wasted so much time just wandering around making up games for my self. The game sucked me in completly and I almost acted as if it was real. The game took me over a year to beat, because I kept exploring the same spots and not really advancing. I also was really terrible at puzzles and would never figure them out. I had infanite time however so I would spend hours every night trying and trying. I remember asking my friend at school how to beat sections, and one time calling him because I was lost in the shadow temple (the part before the boat). 

All in all Occarina of Time was an essential part of my childhood. When I think of being a kid that game always comes back to me.

The back of Occarina of Time’s box.